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Proactive Monitoring and Support
Just as in life, online success is the product of being proactive. If you sit on your couch all day waiting for eviction notices before you get a job, you're lucky to barely get by. If you're up at 5am, dressed to impress, and consistently acquiring new skills and knowledge...you're almost guaranteed to do well. We aren't couch people (well...kinda computer chair people, but in a good way). We'll hook you up with automated monitoring and error reporting. If your world comes crumbling down, we'll know about it first and prop it up on our shoulders.
Secure & Modern Software
A website with cobwebs is a website with vulnerabilities just waiting for the hackman to come knocking (or busting down your door). If you want to stay secure and protected, you need modern standards and up-to-date software. Of course bleeding edge technology can be a liability just as much as outdated, so we focus on that sweet spot. With Versatility Werks, you'll not only get the latest and greatest technologies, but you can trust that they'll be supported for years to come.
Mobile-Friendly Designs
As of October 2016, mobile traffic has officially surpassed desktop (StatCounter). Because of this, you can no longer afford to ignore your iPhone wielding customers. Since 2010, we've been on the forefront of responsive technologies and helping our customers get the most of their site. Our mobile-friendly designs mean you get more for your money. One code base to control them all means less development time, less bugs, and just plain less hassle.

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